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Ocean Side
Rental Properties


I have been a property owner/manager since 2009 and until now have used various online vacation websites with much success (e.g., VRBO & others). And, while these websites are very effective for the reach in connecting property owners with prospective tenants, their policies restricting communications between tenants & owners, along with their surcharges imposed to tenants just seem unreasonable.

I’ve built my business on having relationships and providing a personal touch. I attribute much of my success to that communication:  fielding tenants questions, connecting with their family’s needs and sharing my love of the island. I pride myself on saying that I would never own a home that I couldn’t envision vacationing in myself.  

Every year in the off season, we are constantly making improvements, updating, and asking ourselves the question “what will make someone’s stay more pleasurable?”

I am very passionate about what I do - and I’m very passionate about LBI and all it has to offer. 

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